Blind Return

by Nornec

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If I had to put into words how my music comes into existence, I'd have to say spontaneity. However when the ideas flow out, somehow they congeal to form a style, and a work of art. In "Blind Return", follow the story of a world forgotten by time, riddled with corruption by the inhabitants' own doing, and one person that perhaps triumphed over all -- with a warning.


released April 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Nornec Cary, North Carolina

Also known formerly as 'Centron', Nornec is a musical artist whose work has been evolving into a style over many years. Dealing primarily in electronic music, Nornec continues to shape sound molding atmospheres for your audible pleasure.

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Track Name: Preserved
Have I ever told you about where you're from?
I haven't?
I didn't tell you about...the cheaters,
the warmongers,
the slaves,
the smog?

You are not one of us.
You come from a destroyed world.
You are the last.
But we will shape you.
Soon you will forget.
Soon you will forget...
Track Name: Destiny
We were fools.
We let the world descend into its deprived state.
It's hard to say if it was our fault or the fault of those who came before us.
We are huddled at the last healthy bastion; a handful of us to remain to record this.
We're unsure if anyone will find it after we're gone.
It could be thousands of years before this place is habitable again.
The history of a people can't be spoken into a microphone at the edge of hell.
But, if any hint of what has become of us is useful, look out for the world before yourselves.
It was kind enough to allow us to live on it, and we passed up the chance to say "thank you".

The People of Relpek-B22.
Track Name: Chronicle
Drawing closer,
doom stares you in the face.
Memory fades.
How long has it been?

of your mind will free.
Take a deeper look
at what once was.
Hold on to the image.
Track Name: Beacon
I called you hear to talk about Chon.
You knew him.
Could he really read the future?
We need to know what he said to you before he left.
What's going to happen to this world?

Chon has given me a letter.
He's told me that he's gone.
"Gone" is not anything I'm used to but,
he took off. He never came back,
except for the letter.
I don't know how long it's been in space;
I don't know how long it's been traveling.
But it found its way here and I had a chance to read it...

There's nothing for us out there. There's...
He's under the belief that we live on a destroyed world.
That this world doesn't exist anymore.

I wish I could talk to him.
I wish I could tell him the truth.
We're still here, Chon.
Come find us.